Join me for #WomenAMA for Part 2 of My Strong Black Woman Discussion
APRIL, 2018
Here it is, 6 months later and I’m still getting responses from my HuffPost article, “An Open Letter To My Therapist Who Called Me A ‘Strong Black Woman’. (You can read the article here)

I’m ready to write a part 2 of this letter.  I want to provide an open forum where we can provide solutions. Where can we find spaces where a Black Woman can be heard? Where can she go where she can remove the mask and be vulnerable, scare and ask for help?

That’s why I’m hosting #WomenAMA.

#WomenAMA is on the AMAFeed platform. An Ask Me Anything (AMA) Event is an authentic way to raise awareness to the things and causes that matter to you most. I thought this would be a great place to hold this conversation.

My #WomenAMA event is scheduled for May 8th at 8:30 pm est. Click here to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss it.

“You seem like a STRONG BLACK WOMAN, and found ways to cope. I’m proud of you. Please come back if you feel like life is too much to handle.”

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