I'm here to destroy the Strong (Black) Woman Persona...

I wasn’t always this happy.

In fact, I was miserable but no one knew it. I did a great job of masking my depression and anxiety. I finally tried talk therapy after realizing that drinking a bottle of wine every night was probably a bad idea.  My experience was so terrible I wrote an article about in on the Huff Post.

It was only after I tried alternative therapies, focused on my spiritually and adopted a self-care lifestyle that I began to feel whole.

I don’t want anyone to feel the way that I did.

It is time for us to stop self-sacrificing ourselves for others.  It’s time to focus on you.

That’s why I created Northern Virginia Reiki & Spiritual Wellness, a mobile service where you can spend just 30 minutes reconnecting and getting back to you.

You deserve it.

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