Virtual Naked Yoga Guidelines


  • Nudity is mandatory. However, feel free to use any menstrual management tools when necessary.
  • You MUST be visible by video during the class. I understand that everyone is in a different place in their self love journey. You have the option to only show your face, from the waist up or full body during class. Don’t feel pressured. Go at your own pace.
  • Everyone should be an active, willing participant and at least 18 years old.
  • Our classes are non-sexual, non-partnered events.
  • Classes are not recorded.
  • Classes are for Womxn Only. No, your male partner, spouse, boyfriend etc… cannot watch.
  • No Cruising: We define cruising as asking people to meet up outside of class, especially people you don’t know. This is a yoga class, not a bar, and nudity can make people feel particularly vulnerable. Refrain from giving unsolicited compliments/comments about someone’s appearance. Err on the side of caution! If you receive unwanted messages online from someone in our group, please notify Contessa Louise immediately.
  • Anonymity: If you meet someone outside of class and interact with them in public, please be discreet about where you met.
  • Be Respectful: We welcome bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, sexual orientations, experience levels, abilities, and religious preferences, and we expect you to treat others with respect. Body-shaming or hateful comments of any kind will not be tolerated. Don’t assume: ask for people’s preferred pronouns.
  • No noise. Please turn off cell phones, tv, music or anything that can be a distraction. I will mute all mics during yoga and unmute them for reflections afterward.
  • No Latecomers: Everyone is expected to be on time.


I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

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