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Take time out for SELF. You deserve it.
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“Here’s to strong women, may we KNOW them, may we BE them, may we RAISE them.” – Unknown

This is B.S. and it’s causing you to feel stressed, anxious, depressed and unappreciated. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t hold it down for your family, but you deserve to take quality time for yourself I understand believe me.  I was there. Raising my children, working over 40 hours a week, and volunteering everywhere until my body shut completely down. I don’t want this to happen to you.  I urge you to do something just for you today. Schedule a session to help you unwind for your life.


Schedule your session today. 



No need to travel. We come to you when you have time.  Enjoy the benefits of our completely professional services in the privacy of your own home.



Spend your lunch with us. Get the Stress Relief you need without stepping out of the office. We can provide appointments for your entire office.



Give your guest and/or employees the gift that says you really care. Terrific for weddings, bridal showers, girlfriend parties, corporate events and more! Click the Messenger Icon to request a quote.


In Home or Office Reiki

$85 (1hr)  

                                                  Energy relaxation and wellness in your office or home.(Fairfax Co, VA Only)  

 Coaching Sessions

$150 (1 Sessions)  $300 (3 Sessions)

I use my  gifts and tools to assist you in getting to the root of your healing and create a plan for wholeness.

Distance Reiki


Energy relaxation and wellness for those who live outside our area or unable to participate in a personal visit. 

Intuitive Readings

$39 (Basic)  $99 (30 Deep Dive)

Bring your questions to me and I’ll ask the Divine for answers.


I called her while in the midst of a panic attack at Disney. I couldn’t ground myself and the stimuli was too much. She wasted no time taking the edge off so I can get through the rest of the day. I was able to stay in the park for a few more hours. Tynia Johnson-Anderson

She was able to help reduce my sinus pressure and stopped a migraine from setting in, all via distance. Fantastic experience, very professional process, and overall truly helpful. I think I’m still energy high hours later. Heather Fein

Yoga, Reiki and other Classes Available

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