Your house is now the headquarters for Florence Hurricane Watch Central. You’ve gone to the store and bought water, canned goods, candles and milk (I’ll never understand milk). You made sure you had batteries for all your flashlights. The car is filled with gas and the tv is showing updates every 5 minutes. YOU. ARE. PREPARED.

Is your child or adult on the Spectrum prepared for the many changes that can happen during a hurricane? Here are few things you can do to help keep them calm and navigate any necessary transitions.

1. Is it really necessary to keep the sowing footage of the hurricane on the TV? Seeing videos of the storm can cause greater anxiety. Even if you are not in the direct path of the hurricane, it can appear that you are in more danger than you actually are.

2. Create a Family Storm Plan on poster board. Use visuals to explain why you would need to leave, what you will bring, where you are doing and when you could possibly return.

3. Have your child or adult pack a storm kit with their favorite things. This may give them a sense of comfort if they are in an unfamiliar environment.

4. Their normal routine may be disrupted. What would an alternative routine look like? Sit down and discuss any changes to their daily routine.

5. Take self care breaks and sensory breaks. Don’t forget the importance of quiet mind time. You can play calming music (if you still have power), meditate, breathing exercises or play with sensory bottles. Sometimes the opposite is helpful if they can’t sit still. Try dancing, wiggling, and singing to release some of the built up energy.

Try to keep your child or adult on the Spectrum involved in preparations for Hurricane Florence. Having them take an active role in their upcoming changes may reduce some of the uncertainty and anxiety they are feeling.

Hopefully, these tips can keep you and your family calm during Hurricane Florence and other weather related uncertainties.

Do you have other tips to share? Please comment below.  Together we can make a difference.